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Test criteria

Allergen-proof bedding can protect house dust mite allergy sufferers from mite allergens and relieve symptoms. 
The impermeability of bedding or encasings to mite faeces allergens is tested using a specially developed load test device. For this purpose, the test samples are exposed to a defined amount of mite faeces allergen and a load is simulated by pressure and friction. The amount of mite faeces allergen that was able to pass through the test sample is then determined by Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA). The test set-up provides information on the impermeability of the test sample and thus on the suitability of the product for house dust allergy sufferers.
With a defined reduction of the mite faeces allergen content both through the textile surface, as well as through
the seam and the zipper, the product can be certified, and the final product can be awarded the quality label " Dust and dust mite barrier ".


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