Detergent tests for maximum quality.

When it comes to the quality of detergent and cleaning products, one aspect stands clearly at the forefront: do the substances ensure perfect cleanliness? For decades, Hohenstein has made a significant contribution to ensuring the high quality of detergents and washing agents.

When conducting the tests in our well-equipped household laundry technology facilities, our specialists compare the performance of the products beyond just their cleaning effect. We also investigate your products with regard to other primary and secondary washing effects and other important quality criteria.

Detergent tests

Investigation criteria:

  • Stain removal of natural stains
  • Removal of dirt on dirty test fabrics
  • Cleaning effect and/or dirt dispersing capability
  • Loss of firmness and/or chemical damage of the washed item
  • Inorganic and/or organic fabric encrustation
  • Retention of colour tone and/or surface protection
  • Colour transfer prevention in the Linitest device and/or in the washing machine
  • Legibility and clarity of packing information
  • Disinfection effect

The tests are particularly suitable for:

  • Heavy-duty, colour and mild wash detergents (powder, tablets or liquid products)
  • Descaling products (powder, tablets or liquid products)
  • Booster products (e.g. stain salts, pretreatment products)
  • Colour or dirt catcher sheets

Comparative detergent tests for better market transparency.

Our investigations are usually conducted as comparative product or detergent tests, in other words, in the form of objective performance comparisons in which we test your detergent with regard to defined characteristics.

We test your product against at least one reference product and, in doing so, we attach great importance to the practical design of the test conditions and use current regulations and standards. The reference product can either be a previous model of your product or a sample from another manufacturer in the sense of benchmarking.

With this objective comparability of the individual products, we achieve the necessary market transparency expected today by consumers, retailers and manufacturers in equal measure.


Vinod Kumar
Managing Director
Hohenstein India