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Particularly at risk: children & workers outside

Children’s skin only fully develops its protective mechanisms at around the age of 15. Until then, children’s skin needs special protection from the sun’s rays. In addition, people who work outdoors must frequently protect themselves from harmful UV radiation for several hours effectively.

Sun protection to wear rather than apply.

Even the strongest cosmetic sun protection products (sunblock) offer a maximum UV protection factor of 50 (UPF = Ultraviolet Protection Factor). What’s more, for long-lasting protection, it must be applied several times and used correctly, for example, before exposure to the sun or reapplied because the protective film is no longer sufficient following contact with water.

In comparison, textiles provide optimum effective UV protection. Depending on the material and design of the clothing or shading textiles, UPF values of 80 are possible – in other words, one can stay in the sun up to 80 times longer than the intrinsic protection time allows (dependent on skin type).

Reliable decision-making tool for your customers.

A consumer cannot judge how well and for how long a textile product provides protection against UV rays by just looking at it – especially when shopping online. With our standardised measuring methods according to different international standards, you have the opportunity to advertise the UV protection factors determined by us directly on the product itself.

Get a Hohenstein Quality Label from us following a laboratory test.

Product labelling with the UV STANDARD 801 label is also possible.

Tested and proven to be safe.

We can test UV protective textiles according to the following standards:

Test in new condition

Realistic, meaningful testing

Starting with a measurement in the new condition, the UV STANDARD 801 test goes the extra mile. In additional laboratory tests, we determine the protective effect of your clothing and shading textile materials against UV radiation under realistic conditions of use, e.g. stretching and wetting as well as artificial weathering of shading materials, or defined aging processes for clothing.


Vinod Kumar
Managing Director
Hohenstein India