OEKO-TEX®: Shaping a sustainable future

Hohenstein is a founding member of the OEKO-TEX® Association and the largest provider of certifications, labels and tools that enable companies to act sustainably by protecting people and our planet.

Lead the way. Act sustainably.

Since 1992, OEKO-TEX® has been offering practical, tailored solutions for product stewardship and consumer protection.

OEKO-TEX® provides tools for management and communication of safety and sustainability efforts. The modular system ensures these services work together for traceability, transparency and cost reduction along the textile and leather supply chains.

OEKO-TEX® benefits at a glance.

  • Effective consumer protection and product stewardship
  • Responsible chemical management
  • Environmentally friendly production technologies
  • Efficient use of resources and materials
  • Socially responsible working conditions
  • Transparent supply chain management
  • Sustainable procurement

Explore the OEKO-TEX® system

OEKO-TEX® offers tailored support at all stages of the textile / leather chain:

Input Control

Process Control
(Production / Manufacturing)

Output Control
(Retail & Consumer)

Our customised OEKO-TEX® solutions support you in the practical implementation of all aspects of sustainable business. Show that you are forward-looking and proactive in terms of your product stewardship.
Useful things for your daily work with OEKO-TEX®
From access to the myOEKO-TEX® customer portal to product labelling and the latest updates to the OEKO-TEX® criteria. Don't miss these utilities.
Vinod Kumar
Managing Director
Hohenstein India